We save our customers money on their monthly recurring expenses. It’s that simple.

As a Viv Consultant, you’ll be helping people save money at their home or business. Americans overpay $60 billion every year on their household bills, and you can help change that! No one pays a penny unless we find them savings, so you’ll be sharing a service that people will truly love.

We can’t wait to tell you more about Viv! Hear directly from our top leaders why they’re passionate about this company. We have several short webinars each day, so you can explore this opportunity when it’s convenient for you.


Viv Life Consultant Brian Dalmaso

A certified trainer with Bob Proctor, Brian knows that mindset is everything when it comes to building a successful business.

Daily at 12 Noon ET  |  Duration: Approx. 25 min

Viv Life Consultant Kevin Marino

Kevin is a three-time 7-figure-income network marketer who knows how to create a winning team.

Daily at 6pm ET  |  Duration: Approx. 25 min

Viv CSO Robert McFadden

Rob has decades of experience as a network marketer, both in the field and on the corporate side.

Tue – Thur at 7pm ET, Duration: Approx. 25 min

Viv Life Consultant Blaney Teal

Blaney is invested in helping others succeed, and has a particular passion for supporting female entrepreneurs.

Tue – Sun at 8pm ET, Run time: Approx. 25 min

Viv Life Consultant Ed Kenny

Ed and his two brothers are longtime network marketers who were the very first Viv consultants and are committed to mentoring anyone and everyone.

Daily at 9pm ET, Run time: Approx. 25 min

Viv CEO Cami Boehme

Cami started this business to prove that profitability and social good can coexist — and thrive.

Sun – Thur at 10pm ET, Run time: Approx. 25 min

3 reasons to register today:

Reason 1

Americans are overpaying more than $60 billion per year on household bills. You can help change that, and put money back in the pockets of consumers while earning income.

Reason 2

Who doesn’t want to earn a little extra money? More people than ever have a side gig. Here’s a side gig you can be proud of, with earning potential that is virtually unlimited.

Reason 3

You can make a difference. Journey across the world to help a community in need, and always feel good knowing 1% of our profits contribute to the greater good.

While you’re waiting for your webinar, watch these short videos to see what Viv is all about:

A simple way to save on monthly bills

Worry less with a Viv Pro membership

Giving back in Guatemala

Cut energy costs at your business

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