Promo Code Program Explained

The Viv Promo Code program is designed to let you offer customers free trials for any of the services on Viv’s Better Life Platform.

You have maximum flexibility in helping your customers realize the benefits of our products in a risk-free way while you build your customer base. You can use promo codes as a sampling program to help customers try the products before they buy, or you can use promo codes as a giveaway. Who do you know who would be more willing to try your services with a free trial? Who do you know that might want to buy free trials for their own customers or employees?

The Viv Promo Code program works because:

  • There is no risk for the customer
  • You can give a personalized and thoughtful gift to your customer
  • You have a simple conversation starter
  • You can reflect confidence in your product
  • Everyone likes to try before they buy
  • Promo codes are priced at a discount so consultants can offer high value to customers with minimal investment

You can use the codes to build your business several ways. Here are just a few:

  • Introduce Viv’s services to people unfamiliar with our brand
  • Help your business contacts create a loyalty program for their existing customer base
  • Help your business contacts create a unique employee benefit program for their employees
  • Provide a thank you to customers you work with in your traditional business


Now that you see how powerful our promo code program can be, let’s talk about how it works. Each individual code is a single-use code for a certain number of free months on a specific product. Taking advantage of the program is a simple three step process – you buy the promo codes that you’d like to distribute, you share them with the customers you’d like to redeem them and you grow your customer base when they redeem their codes.

  1. Buy your codes
  2. Share your codes
  3. Grow your customer base


Buying your promo codes is simple and can be done directly in your Virtual Office. Simply go to your “Products & Services” tab in the top menu and scroll down until you see the Promo Code product listed toward the bottom of the page.

From this screen, you’ll make three choices.

First, choose the category you’d like to give away promo codes for. You can choose from:

  • AutoPilot Residential (any size!)
  • AutoPilot Commercial (any size!)
  • A Single Lifestyle Service (any service!)
  • A Bundle of 3 Lifestyle Services (any combination!)
  • Even Better Bundle

Second, choose the number of free months you’d like your promo codes to offer. You can choose from:

  • 1 month of free service
  • 3 months of free service
  • 6 months of free service
  • 12 months of free service

Third, choose the number of promo codes you’d like to purchase with those settings. Each individual code will be a unique, single-use code. You can buy the following quantities:

  • 1 code
  • 5 code promo pack
  • 10 code promo pack

Check your Virtual Office for current pricing on promo code packs. You’ll save even more when you buy a pack of codes. Each code has a compelling retail value to your customer, but when you buy in bulk you can save significantly on this value. For example, you can buy 10 codes that each offer 3 months of free AutoPilot service, a retail value of up to $269, for only $60! That’s a discount of more than 70% for something that has great value to your customer.

Or you can buy a 10-pack of single-service Lifestyle Services for just $100, a nearly 70% discount off the retail value of up to $299. You can also buy single promo codes for individual, carefully chosen customers – like a one-month free code for AutoPilot Commercial, a retail value of up to $49, for just $15. Or a one-month free code for the Even Better Bundle, a retail value of $69.99, for just $50.


Now that you’ve purchased your codes you can share them! There are many ways to share your codes. Since each individual code is a unique, single-use code, we’ve created a simple report for you to track which codes have been redeemed. You can access your report under “Orders & Subscriptions – My Purchased Promo Codes.” Your report includes the promo code, the category and number of free months the code includes and the expiration date. Once the code is redeemed, you’ll see details of who redeemed the code.  

Ways to share your code after you’ve talked to someone about the service:

  1. Share your code digitally through your Virtual Office
  2. Share your code physically on a customized and unique pass-out card

Never share a code with someone without having a specific conversation first. Explain the benefits of the service you are offering as a free trial and let them know you’ve purchased a free trial for them. Make sure they are interested and open to receiving the code. This personal attention will give them the respect they deserve and help them understand that this code was purchased and intended specifically for them, increasing their gratitude and excitement to redeem the code.


To share your code digitally through your Virtual Office, we’ve created dynamic and personalized Share Pages for your promo codes to make it seamless, professional and simple for you to share each individual code. Here are the simple steps to do this:

1. Go to the report called “My Purchased Promo Codes” under “Orders & Subscriptions”. Find the code that you want to share.

Make sure it hasn’t yet been redeemed and that you haven’t shared it with someone else yet who might be redeeming soon. Remember, each code is a single-use code.

2. Click “Share Code” — this will take you to a page with more sharing options for this code. From here you can:

  1. Text a Share Page with the code already included
  2. Email a Share Page with the code already included
  3. Copy a link for the Share Page with the code already included so you can send it in a private message to someone on your social networks or anywhere else.

Here’s what you see when you click “Share Code” — simply pick how you’d like to share the code. There’s a reminder of the code details you are sharing right on this page for your convenience.

Here’s what your customer will see when they click the code you shared. They see a personal message with your name and the free trial you are extending to them. When they click to enroll from this page, either on their computer or their phone, their promo code will be automatically applied.

That’s it! Your customer will now receive a link to a customized Share Page with their code right on it. When they click to get started from that page it will automatically load their promo code into enrollment and give them the free month(s) you purchased for them!


We’ve created beautiful and compelling physical cards you can order printed to write your promo codes on. You can choose cards that match the category and number of free months you’ve purchased. These cards would work great for you to promote and sell to new customers. But they are also a thoughtful, valuable and unique giveaway. You can use them as a unique employee benefit, a customer loyalty program for your primary business or your business contacts, a welcome home gift, a unique way to say thank you, a raffle or giveaway, or any number of other creative solutions.

  • Go to your Resource Library to download the order form for promo code pass-out cards.
  • Follow the program on the form.
  • Once you receive your cards, write a unique promo code on each so it can be used by the customer. Remember, each promo code is a single-use code and can be redeemed by only one customer.

That’s it! Now that you have your cards, keep them handy with you – you never know when you might have a conversation with someone who you choose would benefit from one of your free trials.

Once your customer has their code, they can go to your website to redeem, or they can simply go to to redeem.

When they go to that site, all they have to do is enter their promo code to get started and we will automatically apply the discount to their selections. They’ll go through checkout as normal and provide their credit card at purchase. If they aren’t satisfied at any time with their trial, they can cancel and will not be billed. No catch and no hassle. If they like the service, they don’t need to do anything – we’ll keep them active and start billing them once their trial is up!


Have a variety of codes on hand so you’re ready when you find yourself talking about Viv’s products and services at a dinner party! You never know when someone might be talking about booking a trip – offer to give them a month of free GetAway! Or when someone might be talking about how frustrated they are to be late because they got a flat tire on the way – offer to give them a month of free RoadSide. Or when someone comments on the rising costs of energy – offer to give them three months of AutoPilot and set it and forget it!

Or you can buy a 10-pack of single-service Lifestyle Services for just $100, a nearly 70% discount off the retail value of up to $299. You can also buy single promo codes for individual, carefully chosen customers – like a one-month free code for AutoPilot Commercial, a retail value of up to $49, for just $15. Or a one-month free code for the Even Better Bundle, a retail value of $69.99, for just $50.

Who gets the credit for a customer once it’s redeemed?

If your customer redeems on your own site, or on or through your personal Share Code link, that customer will be assigned to you. However, your promo codes are transferable too – without any hassle!! If you’d like to let another member of your team use a code you purchased for their new customer, they simply give their customer the code to use and send them to their personal website. If the code is redeemed on your team member’s personal website, the customer will be enrolled there. It’s that simple!

What if you can’t get your promo codes redeemed?

No problem! We’re sure you will have no trouble helping people experience our products and services at no cost. What’s more, we’re giving you a full 90 days to use your codes and if you’re not satisfied for any reason, they are 100% refundable for up to 90 days, so long as none of the codes are redeemed. Once one of the codes in a promo pack you’ve purchased is redeemed, the order is considered commissionable and the promo pack is no longer refundable.


The Viv Promo Code program is a powerful way to build your customer base. Once customers redeem their codes and move past their free trial period, they’ll be commissioned the same as any other customer – giving them a risk-free way to trial our services and giving you a pressure-free way to share our services! But you can also benefit when your promo packs are redeemed – even before the trial periods are over.

When you buy a promo code pack, all the potential points for the products that can be redeemed will display as pending for you and your upteam and the CV for your promo pack order (50% of the price you pay for AutoPilot promo codes and 40% of the price you pay for Lifestyle Service promo codes) is pending. Once one of the customers in your promo pack redeems their code, the CV is released to you and your upteam and the first points go active. After that, the points for each individual code go from pending to qualified to active as each of the codes is redeemed by a customer. Here’s how it works.


You buy a promo code pack

  • All points and CV are pending.
  • All codes are listed in your VO.
  • Promo code pack 100% refundable within 90 days.


Your customer redeems a promo code

  • CV on promo pack released.
  • Active points apply when each code is redeemed.
  • Promo code pack no longer refundable after first redemption.


Free trial ends and customer begins paying.

  • CV paid each month, as customer pays.
  • Points continue as long as customer remains active.

Let’s look at an example:

  • Pending points on promo pack: 10
  • Pending CV: $40
  • Pending points on promo pack: 9
  • Active points for Mary: 1-3
  • CV: $40 pays out
  • Promo pack is considered redeemed
  • Pending points on promo pack: 9
  • Active points for Mary: 1-3
  • CV paid monthly for Mary’s GetAway
  • Pending points on promo pack: 8
  • Active points for Bob: 1
  • CV on Bob’s GetAway – will kick in on month 2

In this example, you purchased a 10-pack of lifestyle services one-month free trial promo codes. This would be a cost of $100, with a CV of $40. Immediately after purchasing the codes, you’ll see pending points of 10. Once your first customer redeems a promo code, you will now have a new Lifestyle Services customer. In this case, Mary redeems her code for GetAway. When she redeems the code, you will now have active points for her account (up to 3 if she’s your first single Lifestyle customer!), and your pending points will go down by 1 since her code is redeemed. This is also the point at which the CV for your promo code pack – in this case $40 – is paid to you and your upteam, based on your qualifications. Now, when Mary is done with her free trial period, and continues using her service, you’ll keep getting active points for her account, and the CV for her account will pay out each month to you and your upteam, just as it would for any active customer. Each additional code will work the same – you’ll receive the active points as soon as the code is redeemed and will receive the CV each month following the trial period as long as the customer stays active.

That’s it! Promo codes are a powerful way to share all that Viv has to offer and build your customer base in the process. Think about the ways you can use promo codes to help you sell Viv’s services with the power of sampling. And also think of the organizations and businesses who could benefit from a unique employee benefit or customer loyalty program using promo codes to provide free access to the people who matter most in their business.